“Wow… what a week. I must admit that I signed up for the Trauma Release Camp with much trepidation. I wasn’t even sure if my Mid-Life Crisis was technically a trauma, or if I could receive any benefit from participating, yet figured had nothing to lose. I’m also not a strong believer in spiritual medicine, yet carry a degree of cynicism for over prescription of pharmaceutical drugs to simply mask symptoms, so I was intrigued to explore natural alternatives. Anyway, surely five nights out of my comfort zone couldn’t be all that bad. 

Well, what a rollercoaster ride of emotions: confusion; fear; hurt; contentment; anger; pain; peace; anxiety; rage; joy; exhaustion; and culminating in total elation. I’m a new man. This camp was a real challenge to all the senses from go to whoa, yet we always held comfort that we were being fully supported and nurtured in the hands of the utmost consummate professionals. I did find that it was important to be fully committed, boots and all, as the more I gave, the more resolution and satisfaction I got back. Oh… and did I mention how good the food was? Absolutely exquisite. 

I’d highly recommend this life altering journey to anyone who genuinely wants to move on. It’s a game changer.”

Kim Feast

“Unfortunately, I have experienced a lot of trauma in life, alongside a very negative experience with modern medicine. Natural and Wholistic methods have been the biggest help to me. 

This walk was physically and mentally challenging, but so is life. I have always had a very active mind and not been successful in finding a meditation method. During this walk I rediscovered my connection to the land and was taught an indigenous meditation practice that has resonated with me greatly. Focussing on the connection to the land, intention and the people that guide us i’m finding is a profound practice for me. If you are like me and seeking a huge change in your life that is a wholistic approach, Let Dan guide you. You wont regret it.”