Trauma Release Camp

Southern Fire offers an intense 6 Day Camp with the intention of clearing trauma and reclaiming spirit.

Have you experienced and seen things that have shattered and scattered you and your psyche. An event that now dominates you, or at least the shadow of that event does.

Even though it happened in the past, it still runs and plagues your life now. It still stops you doing things, being the powerful person that you should be.

Imagine this is you – Standing there in your pre-event state - this is what you want. Your happy life, ideal job, great relationship, communication with your family, your abundance etc.

From this event, what has come in that is stopping you from achieving that? What word would you put on it?

For example it could be; anger, stress, anxiety, shame, fear of failure, fear of hurting people or being hurt, fear of being seen as weak, fear of acknowledging this is something wrong, fear I am broken and cannot be fixed.

Through reconnection to country with the local Cultural Custodians, sound healing, shamanic healing, kinesiology and trauma specific yoga, let your spiritual journey begin.

The Southern Fire team can help you reclaim your life and provide a body/mind maintenance toolkit to assist further growth on your journey.

Next Camp is on the 19th September 2019

Cost - $1900 pp inclusive of meals

For bookings or further information please email