The Overnighter

The overnighter involves a full two day walk covering approximately 50km with a back to earth camping style along the most rugged stretch of the Cape to Cape.

You have now been brought to the point of choice. Imagine you have made a conscious and unconscious decision to work on creating a better space in your body and mind to continue your life with joy and balance.

This will be a challenge, both mentally and physically. Both days will be covering approximately 27km, with swims (when permitting), meditations, healings and ceremony.

Along the walk you will open yourself to Earth and Spirit, allowing healing and cleansing of any energies and emotions that no longer serve the higher purpose in your life.

Rebalance and ground yourself to the spirit of your country. Connect with the Mother Earth on one of the most beautiful walks on the planet. The rawness and the positive power of the elements will flow through you and aid in your reconnection to family, friends and country.

The sense of achievement on completion of this challenge will leave you in bliss mode. But it wont end there. It is our intention that you walk away with a toolkit to maintain and grow for the rest of your life.

For Single overnighter $940

For Two people $600

For bookings or further information please email