1 day on the Cape to Cape

The one day walk is tailored to the individual or group of up to three persons. The walk is designed for those struggling with depression, anxiety, disconnection or anger imbalances.

The one day walk allows people with physical injuries or varying levels of fitness to be matched with the terrain and distance that they can achieve. It will still be challenging and a test of mental and physical endurance, but also rewarding and achievable.

There will be an inclusion of breaks at significant locations to conduct meditation and healing practices, each determined by the individuals needs.

This is an incredible opportunity to become grounded and reconnect with country. To be one with nature and to observe and acknowledge her signs for you.

The mothers ocean and the land hold extraordinary healing properties. With loving attention and intention, we all have the ability to tap into her abundance of energy and light to heal our wounds and realign our amazing journey on this planet.

Individual walk for the day $400

For two people $250

For three $200

For bookings or further information please email