Southern Fire



Who is Southern Fire Wellness?

Southern Fire Wellness is a local business in the South West of Western Australia.

We offer 1 to 5 day walks camping out along the Cape to Cape track for up to 10 people. But this is not just a walk. These walks are specified for those who suffer from depression, disconnection, PTSD, anxiety or anger issues. By using different healing modalities in combination with a physical return to country - The outcome is extraordinary.

Southern Fire Wellness also offers relaxing meditation group walks along the Cape region. Get a group together of 5 people or more for walk the Cape to Cape from $120 per day. Catering is optional from the Black Sheep Deli!

Southern Fire facilitates a 6 day Trauma Release Camp. The camp is planned four times per year and is based in the stunning working permaculture farm ‘Fair Harvest’. It is paired with a two day walk/camp along the Cape to Cape coastline. This is an intense camp designed to completely clear the psychological trauma from an event that has happened in your life.

Southern Fire will be working together with the Wadandi Cultural custodians of our Wadandi Boodja. It is our intent not only to heal, but to also reconnect with country through the unique Aboriginal culture of the area. We are honoured to walk together with Wadandi Cultural Custodians on Boodja to achieve this outcome.

Please help us in becoming Carbon Neutral!!

Visit www.carbonneutral.com.au before planning your trip to reference information about minimising the impact of your travel on the environment.


Our next retreat

SFW Vision Quest 4.10.2019

Trauma Release Camp 19.09.2019

What we offer


We offer healing walking/camp outs along the Cape to Cape for up to 5 days. We also facilitate a 6 day Trauma Release Camp every 4 months in the South West of W.A.


1 day wonder

The one day walk allows people with physical injuries or varying levels of fitness to be matched with the terrain and distance that they can achieve.


The overnighter

You have now been brought to the point of choice. Imagine you have made a conscious and unconscious decision to work on creating a better space in your body and mind to continue your life with joy and balance.


Group meditation walks

Designed for the group energetic experience. Minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 10. A great day out with friends tapping into some really special areas of our coastline. Be guided through Shamanic Light meditation while being immersed and nurtured in the elements of nature and Mother Earth.

Trauma Release Camp

Southern Fire offers an intense 6 Day Camp with the intention of clearing trauma and reclaiming spirit.


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